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We want to help!
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We are those who are inspired to help others, and are looking for concrete ways to do do. Have tips and ideas on how we can go about it? Come talk about it with us! We like to volunteer and would be happy to tell you about ways you can get involved.

Come chat with us and share ideas!

NOTE: This is NOT a community that you should join and post requests for charity for yourself. If you want to post your cute "Make a Donation" paypal buttons asking for rent money, electric bill help, funds for your pet... go to a different place, that's not what we're here for. However, if you want to solicit donations for public causes that will NOT benefit you personally, please, by all means, join and post, because that's fine.

In other words, if you want to RECEIVE charity, do not join the community. If you want to raise funds to benefit OTHER PEOPLE, or if you want to discuss your own charitable behavior, we welcome you.


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